In this lab, you sign up for the Google Cloud Platform free trial and create a project that you can use to complete other labs or create resources on your own using GCP.

What you need

To complete this lab, you need:

You need a GCP account to create cloud resources and run GCP labs.

If you already have an account, you can just log into and skip to the next section Creating a Project.

If you don't have an account, register for the Google Cloud Platform free trial. The free trial provides you with:

You Won't be Billed

When you sign up for the free trial, you are asked to provide your credit card information. This information is used only to verify your identity and let Google know you're not a robot. Your credit card is not charged.

Step 1

Open the free trial registration page.

Step 2

If you do not have a Gmail account, follow the steps to create one. Otherwise, login and proceed to the next step.

Step 3

Complete the registration form.

Step 4

Read and agree to the terms of service.

Step 5

Click Accept and start free trial.

Step 6

In the upper-right corner of the console, a button may appear asking you to upgrade your account. Click Upgrade when you see it.

If the Upgrade button does not appear continue, but if the button appears later click it.

To create resources in Google Cloud Platform, you need a Project. A project is attached to a billing account. So, anytime you create any kind of resource in GCP, it must be associated with some project. That's how Google knows who to charge.

Projects also allow you to control permissions. The person who creates the project is that project's Owner. Owners can then add other people to the project, and owners control what people can do within the project.

You can also enable and disable APIs and services within a project. You will see an example in this exercise.

You will create a project now.

Step 1

In the Google Cloud Platform Console, click the Select project dropdown (in the header to the right of the words "Google Cloud Platform").

Then, click the Create project button (the one with the plus sign).

Step 2

In the ‘New Project' dialog:

When the project is created, click the Select project dropdown again and make sure your new project is the one selected.

Step 3

In the GCP Console, click the menu icon to open the Products and Services menu (the hamburger icon in the upper-left corner). Then, navigate to Compute Engine and ensure that there are no errors.

Step 4

As you did in the last step, use the Products and services menu to navigate to Kubernetes Engine and ensure that there are no errors. This just enables the Kubernetes Engine APIs, so you can use that service. You don't have to wait for Kubernetes to finish initializing.

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